Comenda HB Series Glass Washer


Hospitality professionals would agree that properly washing glasses is always a challenge.

That’s why Comenda have dedicated themselves to designing a glasswasher that elevates the industry standard. With the Hi-Line glasswashers Comenda ensure every glass is given a thorough cleaning thanks to a rinse arm configuration that reaches every point.

No blind spots, no stains and no question that  this is the right glasswasher for you



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• Double skin body, stainless steel execution AISI 304

• Deep drawn double skin insulated counterbalanced door

• Single piece deep drawn tank with multiple filtering system  (collection filter and micro-filter) with presence indicator  (model HB35 only) and rack sliding guides

• Soft start

Self-cleaning cycle at unit  switch- off

• Atmospheric RCD booster (models HB35 R, HB35 R  and HB35RO)

• Self-draining wash pump

• Built in HR drain pump

• Electronic adjustment of the detergent and rinse aid dispensers

* Machine connected to max 25 °C incoming water temperature. ** Maximum passage height rack included. *** The theoretical output refers to the unit connected to 55 °C incoming water temperature and max total installed power. **** Optional. 60 racks/h max output with 7 kW boiler heating element