Comenda HF Model Front Loading Dishwasher

FAST For high pressure kitchen times, this  is the most rapid cycle.

GLASSES A delicate cycle that  is gentle on glassware and features rapid cool down and dry times.

DISHES Appropriate for all shapes of dishes,  this cycle ensures thorough cleaning  and rapid dry times.

INTENSIVE Set for a longer duration and maximum temperature for heavily soiled dishes and cookware.

ECO2 Designed to further reduce energy and water consumption costs, the runtime  of this cycle is slightly longer.


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• Double skin body, stainless steel execution AISI 304

• Deep drawn double skin insulated counterbalanced door

• Single piece deep drawn tank with multiple filtering system (pump suction, collection filter and micro-filter) with presence indicator and rack sliding guides

• Soft start

• Self-cleaning cycle at unit switch-off

• Atmospheric RCD booster

• Self-draining wash pump

• Built in HR drain pump

• Electronic adjustment of the detergent and rinse aid dispensers

** Maximum passage height rack included. *** The theoretical output refers to the unit connected to 55 °C incoming water temperature and max total installed power.
***** Optional. 60 racks/h max output with 7 kW boiler heating element.

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